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PH was founded in 2009 with a mission to develop key knowledge and skills through education and training of professionals and assistance to institutions in order to develop their capacities and achieve more viable progress in delivering quality medical services. PH funded 22 Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) centers within the healthcare system that conducted more than 40,000 consultations and HIV testing. PH participated in the development of the national standards and protocols for consultations and HIV testing. It participated in developing clinical guidelines for AIDS treatment and conducted education of 6,619 healthcare workers on HIV/AIDS. PH organized 6 regional Balkan conferences on HIV/AIDS and it represents 22 countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia in the GFTAM Board of Directors. PH works to strengthen 2 Resource Centers and help them network with NGOs. PH founded and supported Y-peer network, 2 counseling centers for Diabetes Mellitus, 4 Educational centers for medical professionals. PH trained 120 trainers and conducted regional trainings for NGO capacity building and awarded more than 20 grants for strengthening and forming of health NGOs. It trained 66 000 adolescents on sexual and reproductive health through peer education. 

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ICVA was founded in 1996 with a mission to influence national policies, laws and practices targeting marginalized groups in society through a dialogue between NGOs and government. ICVA is one of the founders of the NGO Council network. It coordinated the work of informal network of 10 NGOs working in the area of social and healthcare for socially vulnerable groups in achieving their rights through laws and practice. ICVA was the one to initiate the changes and amendments to the Law on Health Insurance FBiH introducing mandatory insurance of children and elderly over 65 years of age that took effect in 2009. ICVA and its NGO network initiated the adoption of the Law on the Rights of Patients in the FBiH that took effect in 2010. ICVA and its partners publicized a guide "Universal healthcare in BiH - an overview of the situation and recommendations" in 2009, citing the reasons behind the exclusion of 18% of the population from the healthcare system and recommendations for changes of the healthcare policies and practices

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Center for Civic Initiative (CCI) and the Centre for Promotion of Civil Society (CSPC) with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the British Embassy, implemented the project "Sustainability of civil society" - CSSP.


"Sustainability of civil society" - CSSP.

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