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The level of corruption in BiH increased in the last two years
Institutions are not effective
Citizens have lost confidence in institutions
Political parties are considered to be the most corrupt
Health, parliament / legislature , police , public official/civil service

The European Commission indicates the absence of concrete progress in fight against corruption

Fight against corruption

TI BiH was founded in 2001 with a mission to protect against corruption through mobilizing global community and improving and strengthening national system of integrity. TI BiH is one of the most relevant anti-corruption organizations in BiH and the most relevant source of information about corruption, the quality of legislative framework, public perception of corruption and its consequences. TI BiH formed a Center for legal aid to help citizens fighting against corruption. It received almost 10 000 calls from citizens and acted on the basis of 1500 cases. TI BIH successfully implemented its advocacy campaign for the adoption of the BiH Strategy for fighting against corruption. In the sector of education, its recommendations for corruption prevention were adopted by four universities and subsequently incorporated into the Program for preventing corruption in higher education adopted by the FBiH Government. A high number of criminal charges against public officials for misuse of official position, conflict of interest, irregularities in the financing of political parties, employment, discrimination. Its analytical studies informed BiH public about numerous irregularities in the privatization process, especially in the case of the RS Oil industry. TI BiH is credited with raising public awareness on corruption through its campaigns such as „Money has a name“, Corruption in education equals circus in profession“, Mitomanija. Since 2008, TI BIH won 17 suits filed against the institutions violating the Freedom of Information Act (of 42 filed lawsuits, 17 were adopted, 1 was dismissed, 7 were rejected and 16 are still in procedure).

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CIN was founded in 2005 with a mission to provide BiH citizens with accurate and unbiased information that they require in order to make informed decisions in democratic elections. Its investigations and writing led to a number of judges and ministers leaving their posts, apprehension or sacking of police officers, revealing misuse of power by government officials. A lawsuit was filed against the former prime minister of the FBiH Nedzad Brankovic based on the information published by CIN in 2007. The charges of the Cantonal Prosecution in Sarajevo were based on CIN's story. The Law on Concessions at the entity and cantonal level (in several cantons) finally defined the use of natural resources after CIN exposed several cases of misuse through a number of investigative reports. The Court of BiH and Bar Association automated the process of selection of lawyers, reducing corruption down to a minimum. In several cases, CIN's stories were incentives for prosecutors to launch official investigations - the most recent example is Causevic case. Causevic is currently under the investigation on the basis of CIN's findings. Several stories about misuse of funds in the Development banks in the FBiH and RS led to serious debates on blocking the 2013 tranche, followed by internal investigation led by EU investigators.

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