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Bosnia and Herzegovina has signed many international conventions, protocols and treaties prohibiting discrimination on grounds of sex.
Women in BiH are not equal
Poorly represented in political and public life, facing numerous problems and discrimination, violence against women

Domestic violence continues to be a widespread social problem in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Women's rights

Zene Zenama was founded in 1997 with a mission to contribute to the democratization and advancement of civil society in BiH. Zene Zenama works to promote women's rights and gender perspective (Women's studies – interdisciplinary study on women's issues, institutionalized through Gender studies. It changes the settled pictures of women through Patchwork magazine, uncovering patriarchal culture and traditional prejudice. It builds trust and strengthens local social networks of partnership and cross-sectorial collaboration between civil society organizations and institutions working together to promote, disseminate and monitor the instruments targeting human rights of women and gender issues. It empowers women to demand their rights through counseling for women, girls, men, and young boys; it collects information about women's needs and stakeholders' response to those needs (Research and studies on gender violence as a threat to security and marginalization of women in public policies). Zene Zenama builds local capacities to improve the normative, legal and institutional framework regulating the position of women and overcoming of gap between equality de facto and equality de jure (informal networks, committees and working bodies in more than 50 local communities in BiH).

Dolina 1, Sarajevo
Tel/Faks: + 387 33 219 640,

Zena Trnova was founded in 1997 with a mission to improve the position of women in rural areas through joining efforts, utilizing their own resources and capacities and institutional support for stronger affirmation of values and role of women in rural areas. It served the needs of approximately 2,400 beneficiaries through education and information services and direct assistance, with 80% of them being from rural areas. It implemented campaigns to sensitize public opinion about family violence in collaboration with NGOs and government institutions, creating and distributing around 4000 copies of leaflets "Stop Violence". Zena Trnova participated in the drafting and implementing of the Action plan for the improvement of women position in rural areas in RS. It participated in the drafting of the Gender agenda in regional development; it was initiator, a coordinator and an organizer of the Network of associations for the improvement of the position of women in rural areas in RS - Progress.

Njegoševa 3,  71124 Istočna Ilidža
Palih boraca 107
Trnovo  71220
Tel/faks: + 387 57 351 045

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Center for Civic Initiative (CCI) and the Centre for Promotion of Civil Society (CSPC) with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the British Embassy, implemented the project "Sustainability of civil society" - CSSP.


"Sustainability of civil society" - CSSP.

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